Amateur Radio License

The more serious RC quadcopters also require beefier radios, especially with FPV where the transmitting power pushes 600mW. To fly these legally in US, one needs at-least a Technician Class Amateur Radio license from the FCC.

There is a heated discussions in the RC forums whether or not to get such a license, that it does not improve the flying skills, that no harm is done in remote areas etc.

I decided to play by the rules. Many of the arguments against could be directly applied for a driving license, yet (almost) everybody who drives carries one. Plus I’ve tinkered enough with electronics, soldering and spent few years studying electrical engineering before coming in the US and switching over to software engineering.

After a week or so of studying, listening to the “The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License” audio book and taking practice exams at the wonderful ARRL website, I signed up for a local exam session this past Saturday 8/8/2015

The test was conducted by a very friendly team of VEs and while nervous at fist, I passed the Technician level with just 2 errors (beating my best practice scores). I tried for the General class too (nothing to loose) but luck alone was not enough, it will require some more studying casinonorske.com Hvordan spiller man roulette i Norge.

Now, I am eagerly awaiting the FCC to issue my Technician callsign and have already ordered my first handheld radio – BaoFeng BF-F8HP


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