Thrust Tests – Rotorgeeks, Cobras 2300KV – EMAX RedBottoms 2600KV

Few weeks ago I ordered the Turnigy Thrust Stand and Power Analyser v2 from HobbyKing. The initial thrust measurements were not accurate so I took it apart to discover one of the linear bearings was bad. This weekend, the bearing replacement arrived. After a swap and few drops of motor oil the weight measurements were spot on. The electrical measurements were correct as I verified with an external G.T. Power RC module.

The Setup

I have two identical nano-tech 2.2Ah tanks that get swapped after each prop. If the voltage goes below 16.7v I top them off. All motors are brand new and never flown on a quad. Those are the spare 5th I keep “in-case” for my builds.

2016-04-11 19.17.52

ESC: DYS XM 30A BLHeli 14.3 – medium timing

LiPo: 16.7v nano-tech 4S 2200mAh 45-90C

Props: I mostly fly DAL pros so that is what I focused on. I was curious about the HQs so I threw them in the mix:

  • DAL T5045 Bull Nose TRI
  • DAL T5045 Blunt Nose TRI
  • DAL T5040 TRI DAL T5040 TRI
  • DAL 5045 Bull Nose V1
  • DAL 5045 Blunt Nose
  • HQ 5×3
  • DAL J5045
  • DAL T4045 Bull Nose TRI
  • DAL 4045 Bull Nose


  • Rotorgeeks 2204 2300KV
  • Cobra 2204 2300KV
  • EMAX RS2205 2600KV (red bottoms)

Rotorgeeks 2204 2300kv

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Cobra 2204 2300kv

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EMAX RS2205 2600kv (Red Bottoms)

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  • Cobras and Rotorgeeks 2300KV are very close, with Cobras slightly more efficient (3.9%) but producing marginally less thrust (-1.55%) on average
  • The EMAX 2205 2600KV Red Bottoms are beasts! With 1.3kg of thrust on 5″ and close to 1kg on 4″ tri-blade props, I see why they are hyped so much. The EMAX outdid Rotorgeeks and Cobra thrust by about 25% at the cost of -15% efficiency.
  • DAL Blunt Nose props are great – good balance between power and efficiency
  • DAL Bullnose are more powerful at lower RPM but very inefficient at full throttle (crazy high amps)
  • The HQ 5×3 is a clear winner in efficiency, yet producing respectable amount of thrust. The EMAX 2600KV with HQ 5×3 will rip around at 939g of thrust, drawing just under 21A.

Here is the raw data if anybody is interested



  1. Of course the 2205 2600kv motors will have more thrust then the 2204 2300kv. If they didn’t I’d be super skeptical. If you’re going to compare brands, you need to do it with identical motor specs, not one class higher in size & kv for one of the three motors.

    • Not going to argue there. The reason I used the Cobras, besides an initial test batch, was for baseline – for my rig and for the test subject. It is such a popular motor, so many of us have flown it, it will be easy to compare with. EDIT: Btw, I love Cobras. If I had a choice of one motor to take on a deserted island, it would be the Cobra 2204 2300KV, slipped magnets and all 🙂

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